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Window Film Tinting Pros: Are the items in your home being damaged by the sun?

The UV rays produced by the sun can damage your skin and for that reason most peoples use sun block for protection against this when going outside. Most people know about this and use the practice to help keep their skin healthy, but are you also aware that UV rays are harmful to your belongings inside your home? This is true and just because you have energy efficient windows on your house that still does not mean they are blocking out UV rays and preventing them from damaging your furniture and floors. They were not designed to do that unless they have the sun block built right into the glass. It can be quite expensive changing them out to the kind that has.

Lucky for you home window tinting is available. The film used for tinting helps reduce the amount of fading that takes place and it also eliminates excess heat and the sun's glare coming through your windows. Wouldn't it be nice not having to deal with the mid-day glare on your TV screen? Home window tinting can make that happen so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows any time of the day.

Wondering how home window tinting works to help protect your home and furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun/

Blocks harmful UV rays

The principal cause of fading is the UV rays. Window film rejects solar heat that is responsible for fading your stuff. The fibers of fabrics that are repeatedly exposed to heat will eventually break down and discolor. By filtering out this threat, you can actually help your furnishing and floors last longer.

Bonuses offered by window film abound. An example of that is reducing the cost of energy bills by eliminating hot spots. Most people have one room in the house that they stay out of during the day since the sun heats up and make it uncomfortable. With home window tinting, the hot spots are reduced or virtually eliminated.

Five Items In Your Home That Are Susceptible to Damage From the Sun

  1. Upholstery and Fabrics

  2. Window Treatments like Blinds and Drapes

  3. Wallpaper

  4. Photos, Furnishings and Paintings

  5. Natural Wood Floors (and other floors)

To preserve the items in your home and make them last longer, why not make the brilliant choice of opting for home window tinting. Don't allow your belongings to be damaged by fading from the sun. Replacing them can be expensive. It may not be immediately noticeable, but with time the fading will begin.

Window treatments can reduce glare, hot spots and sun damage, but there is a cost to using them. You lose natural light and the view from your windows when using them. You can continue letting in the light and retain that view when using home window tinting.

Are the items in your home being damaged by the sun?

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