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Decorative Window Tinting for Home & Office

Decorative window film is becoming increasingly popular. Stained, privacy or etched glass can be quite costly, but decorative windows for the home can be cost effective, yet add privacy and style to your windows.

It also provides additional perks, such as the installation of frosted film on a bathroom window on the ground floor, will increase privacy but will not prevent the inflow of natural light as occurs with blinds or curtains.

For persons who desire a little privacy or just want to change the feel of a room, frosted window film is ideal and very creative. Frosted film can also be placed on shower doors.

The etched glass look is one of the most versatile types of decorative film. It can be constructed with a beautiful design, which can enhance the appearance of a kitchen or give a company a sophisticated look with a business logo.

San Carlos Decorative Window Tinting for Home & Office

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