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Our expert window tinting provides:

  • Glare reduction and better temperature control, that unlike window treatments, preserves the light and view, but reduces the discomfort from harsh light

  • UV protection that reduces 99% of rays that fade fabrics, flooring, furniture and photos & art

  • Energy efficiency from rejecting heat in summer and insulating from cold in winter, and lowers energy costs

  • Protection from graffiti or vandalism

  • Shatter–proofing that holds glass together during accidents, attacks or natural disasters

  • Privacy by obscuring the view, but still letting in light and offering daytime privacy

  • A design element for any glass surface (doors, tables, partitions, etc) that doesn't hold dirt & oils like etched glass and can be removed in the event of a design change


Our unique difference is, with The Tint Guys, you're working with the owner of the company. The owner does the site visit, measures, quotes and installs the work himself (no separate quoters and install teams). So the work is done expertly, efficiently and right the first time.


The product is guaranteed for a lifetime by the manufacturer against bubbling, peeling, creasing, fading, de-laminating and de-metalizing. The install workmanship comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


And we're professionals that are courteous in your home. We put down coverings on floors and furniture, pad ladder feet, and clean up after ourselves.

Our process ensures the job is done to our exact standards. From setup to cleanup, we will leave your office with a great quality job commercial window tinting job and no mess.


We stand by our work. Our window films have a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, creasing, fading, and de-metalizing. And our workmanship comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


We carry a range of films from clear, translucent from light to dark, colors, frosted, opaque and patterned. Made by the best manufacturers in the industry. We'll help you select the right one for your application.


Protect your valuables whether they be built-in craftsmanship in your office, flooring, expensive interior pieces and more from the sun. Learn more about Ultra-Violet light and fading.

Window films can also help keep you safe if you sit near a window during your workday.


Discover how the right window tinduce your energy c

+osts in the office. Window tinting can also help with climate control in your office space.

Click here to find out more about how films allow a huge amount of visible light while controlling unwanted solar energy.


Take it up a notch and add some style to your conference room windows, the entrance to your or building and much more with decorative window tinting.


Help defend your office against break-ins, graffiti and severe weather with window film. In addition, window film gives a professional and private appearance while still allowing for some light.

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