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Home Window Tinting for Privacy

The function and design of safety window films is to hold fragments of glass together while reducing the amount of glass flying through the air. This in turn reduces potential injury. Additionally, they help protect home and family from severe weather events and break-ins. A stronger barrier between you and the outside world is created with films that hold glass together.

Protection From Burglars

Safety and security window films protect against thieves who want to smash your window and grab your things by creating a protective barrier. Since it is more difficult to enter your home, the film becomes a deterrent.

Protection From Crime

The most vulnerable places of your home or business are the doors and windows because they are more easily penetrated which can become entry points for smash-and-grab thieves and other criminals. Glass offers an inviting target for nefarious people intent of causing mischief or something worse.

It helps to use alarms and security systems, but they actually offer little in the way of protection from determined and experienced intruders. By adding security films to windows and glass doors, you may be able to discourage them before they gain access by making it more difficult to break the glass even with a heavy object. They don't want to work hard like you did to get your things.

Accidental Injury Protection

Security films are like an invisible shield that protects you from accidentally broken glass. When regular annealed glass breaks into shards, it can become like daggers which can cause serious injuries or death. The powerful adhesives in the film are engineered to reduce the chance of injury by holding the pieces of glass together making them less of a hazard.

Window tinting to help prevent burglary and more

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