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Window Film Tinting Pros: Energy Efficiency

In the Bay Area we do not have to deal with the harsh Winter weather that is experienced up North, however it is recommended that we keep our home fully insulated. By insulating your windows, your home will be more comfortable during both the Winter and Summer seasons, as the temperatures will be maintained where you set them, by the heating and cooling system.

Control Excessive Cold in the Winter

You can control the climate inside your home with window films. They upgrade your single-pane to double-pane windows and your double-pane to triple-pane windows.

  • Heat can be reflected and dispersed back into the room

  • Cold spots are reduced

  • During the cold winter months comfort is improved

Excessive heat can be eliminated during the Summer

Curtains and blinds provide privacy and block out some of the heat, but this is done at the cost of natural light. With window films, hot spots can be eliminated while the view is still preserved, so every seat in the house can be enjoyed by guests.

  • The heat of the sun is rejected while your view is preserved

  • The window films will complement and protect your curtains and blinds

  • The overall comfort of your home will be increased

Contact us today for additional information, if you are interested in increasing the energy efficiency of your home, and also controlling the climate.

Energy Efficiency

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